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"Our small garden had suffered many years of random planting, slowly collapsing fence and shed, tired and undulating paving, and then the storms hit bringing down a large part of the fence. Time to act!


Tara gave us really good recommendations and has helped us breathe new life into the garden. Access was a real problem, but with Tara’s help and new layout and workable schedule of works. We cleaned and relaid the paving, replaced the fence, an excellent shed (from Burtenshaws in Tonbridge) was installed using compact footings (to avoid a large slab and having to mix concrete or pump it from a distance). Tara gave us a really good design for replanting some existing plants and enhancing them with a newly supplied ones providing more colours and excellent seasonal variety. The recommendation for the use of Strulch (a type of mulch) has been a godsend in suppressing the inevitable weeds, and the monthly care schedule will be really helpful and enable us get the best out of the plants in future. We are really pleased with the overall outcome which wouldn’t have happened without Tara."

"One thing Paul and I meant to say yesterday is how much pleasure the new beds give us. Every time we walk into the garden room we admire the planting whether day or night  but it looks particularly pretty first thing in the morning with the eastern sun and in the evening with the sun from the west. The garden room now really feels as it should - a room in the garden."
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"Many thanks for your guidance, inspiration, knowledge and amazing organisation skills. In no more than three weeks our garden has had a wonderful touch of TLC! Looking forward to bloom in spring and to more projects together in the future. 

The garden is shedding a coat and putting on a new one, love it."

- Edmée Melchiors 

"I am absolutely delighted with the beautiful garden Tara has worked so hard to create. Her knowledge of plants, shrubs and trees has been invaluable. She followed my brief, but it is her vision and talent for design that has made the end result amazing."


"I'm looking at the pot and it is beyond stunning. I just absolutely love it....It is just so beautiful, so thank you so much."

- Carleen Kirk

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"The garden is looking fabulous. Really love all the planting. Thank you so much. We’re enjoying this beautiful planting every day."

Dominic and Rosie Brown

"Many thanks to Tara and her team for rejuvenating our tired and overgrown sundial garden! Tara’s vision and sensitivity in helping us choose which plants to emphasise and which to lose has created a beautiful display that now brings us endless pleasure where before it was a jumble of promise that never quite got there.  We are very grateful to her for getting the job done so quickly never taking a break even when the weather turned extremely challenging. Thank you Tara."


- Jacqueline, Justin and family x


"Tara turned a dark tiny space into a bright open courtyard garden with clever use of smart decking and raised beds. The garden was 'dressed' to show it off for an autumn marketing push and the house sold very quickly.  Having upgraded the house to a modern, warm aesthetic it was essential that the outside space matched and was in keeping with the clean, crisp but warm interiors.  She expertly achieved this delicate balance between uncluttered contemporary but warm and welcoming which helped set the house apart in the market. She gave us various options of plantsand help us choose between them, planted the plants and installed a watering system. We were abroad and could not be very involved in any of the process, and Tara took on every aspect of it from liaising with the tenant to choosing to planting the plants, making it such an easy and pleasant experience for us and our tenant. Our tenant told us that she had left the house immaculate (she and her workers had to go through the house to access the backyard). I have no doubt that the beautiful, low maintenance garden she created helped helped to secure a quick sale in a very challenging market. We were delighted with the process and the outcome and would recommend her wholeheartedly."

- Leslie Begert

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